5 PRODUCT REVIEWS! Including Candy Ghost, Recoil & More | Craig & Ryland's Review Show

Welcome back to a very special episode of The Magic Review Show. This week Craig & Ryland reviewed Andy Nyman's Big Reaction, SYOUMA 's Super Deck Gamma, Rick Holcombe's Recoil, Vinny Sagoo's Mind The Maths Magic and Candy Ghost by Andrew & André Previato.

5 PRODUCT REVIEWS! Including Candy Ghost, Recoil & More | Craig & Ryland's Review Show

The Magic Review Show is the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest magic products. Every week Craig & Ryland review each product, perform them and give their own individual ratings. Like it or hate it, they will let you know. Neither magician is associated with a third party company, meaning their opinions aren't biased. Let's break down the products.

Big Reaction

The first product Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Andy Nyman's Big Reaction. Andy Nyman has decided to put his own unique twist on Roy Johnson's version, creating a killer version of this routine. It's one of the most commercial magic routines ever created that will leave your audience in awestruck.

Alakazam Magic goes on to state, "Big Reaction is not only the perfect opener but also a great closer to your set. You can use it anytime, anywhere. Works one on one, mix and mingle, close up, tables or even cabaret." This routine is an effect every magician and mentalist should use for their act. Craig enjoyed the design of this routine, awarding it with a perfect 100% rating. Ryland followed up with a high rating of 120%

Super Deck Gamma

SYOUMA & Tejinaya Magic have introduced Super Deck Gamma. This routine is designed to have a magician spread the cards, introducing a variety of numbers and marks in a loose order. Their audience remembers their favourite card before taking the chosen one from the deck. The pattern on the back of the cards is all blue, but when the magician takes a glance at the back of their chosen card, it has turned red. Then the magician snaps their fingers, changing all of the cards except for the chosen one into white. The problem with this routine is the effect is very uninspiring, it doesn't handle very well and there are better ways of accomplishing the routine. As a result, Craig and Ryland only gave this routine a 15% and 0% respectively.


Rick Holcombe introduced Recoil, a routine that allows you to soften the metal of a coin and squeeze it down into a ball of silver right in front of your audiences' eyes. The coin is then stretched & flattened back into its original shape, all the while showing your hands otherwise empty. It's an eye-popping visual effect that gets even better. The coin is visibly stretched & springs apart like a deck of cards between your hands before once again collapsing back down into the solid coin. It's a clever routine that's unlike anything you've seen before. Both Craig & Ryland loved this routine, giving it a 100% rating each.

Mind The Maths

Vinny Vagoo has introduced a new magic book, featuring a collection of some of his favourite principles of Math Magic. The book contains tricks using cards, coins, dice, calculators and much more. This book features 128 pages of the highest quality of Math Magic. Best of all is that all of the tricks are super easy to learn. NeoMagic goes on to state, "This book is mainly aimed at the beginner in magic, or someone who is new to maths based magic. Even so, the professional magician will find hidden gems that they can tweak to compliment their working repertoire." It's a great book with several fantastic routines. Craig gave this book a 95% rating. Ryland followed up with 119%.

Candy Ghost

The final routine is by Andrew and André Previato. The two have teamed up to create Candy Ghost. This product has been designed to look like a regular box of Tic Tacs. The magician has their spectator choose a card before taking one of the candies and blowing it into the box. The condensation formed by their breath reveals the chosen card. This is a visual revelation that can adapt to all of your styles. Whether you're a close up magician, mentalism, street magic or even social networks, Candy Ghost will be perfect for you. It's very easy to do, very visual, perfect for street magic and you can instantly reset it. Craig enjoyed the creativeness behind this routine, giving it a 90% rating. Ryland gave it a 99% for it's cleverness as well.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. You can watch the full episode below to see Craig & Ryland review each product in detail. If you have any plans to use these products yourself, let us know in the comments.

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