Brain Child, D.I.E, Four Treasures, Waken & Killer Poker | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Craig & Ryland Petty, the magical duo, return this week for another new Magic Review Show! This week they are looking at Brain Child, D.I.E, Four Treasures, Waken and Killer Poker. Each of these tricks are examined, performed and given an honest rating.

Brain Child, D.I.E, Four Treasures, Waken & Killer Poker | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The Magic Review Show is the great way to learn about the newest magic products released and get opinions on them from two great magicians. Craig & Ryland perform each routine, explain the process and give their own individual ratings. These are completely honest ratings, good or bad. Neither magician is associated with a third party company. All of their ratings are strictly their own. Let's break down each product.

Brain Child

The first trick reviewed on this weeks show is Brain Child by Kyle Purnell and Penguin Magic. This trick was also featured recently in an episode of the Matt Test! If you haven't seen this trick already, heres an excerpt from Penguin Magic's website. " The magician gives their deck a small shuffle explaining that they aren’t going to have someone pick a card, but just think of one. The magician shows their audience cards from the deck until they freely think of any card they are shown. The magician gives the deck a mix again and then asks them three questions. What month were they born? How many letters are in their name? What is the value of the card they are thinking of? No matter what they answer, that number of cards is dealt down and the card they are merely thinking of is at that position. As a kicker, the card they thought of is the only red card in an all-blue deck." Craig and Ryland awarded this a 96% and 97%


The next trick is D.I.E. by Sirus Magic & Premium Magic Store. This is how the routine works according to Penguin Magic. "A spectator's card is chosen randomly, by the throw of a paper dice. They can throw as many times as they like. When they are happy with the number, they will count from a deck, to that number, to choose a card. When they have their card, they will be very surprised to find, that the dice was influencing them the whole time, without realising, The Die itself, when unfolded, is made from a matching duplicate of the card they "freely" choose!" Craig and Ryland both rated D.I.E. an 89%.

Four Treasures

The Four Treasures is a collection of 4 effects by Harapan Ong using the 4 different treasures. These are the effects according to Vanishing Inc Magic. "An easy two-card transpo that will catch even the most clever magicians off guard. How to make a signed selection disappear from a spectator's open palm and reappear in your pocket. A brilliant packet trick with a stunning imbalanced transposition finale. A powerful sandwich routine with two selections and a kicker ending that will have your audiences baffled (Harapan's personal favorite routine in the book)." Craig and Ryland both rated Four Treasures a 100%!


Waken by Bond Lee is a product already featured on the channel, performed in a short by Ryland himself! According to Penguin Magic the product features "An extremely visual magic piece. Imagine finding your spectator's signed card with the power of shadow. Or using Psychokinesis to raise their card from the deck. Multi-card haunted effects and rising cards are all possible. The deck is self-contained, and can be performed completely isolated. Multiple applications and routines create endless possibilities." Craig rated Waken a 95%, and Ryland rated the product a 79%.

Killer Poker

Killer Poker by Neo Magic & Vinny Sagoo is a storytelling trick product. An introduction from Stevens Magic says "Perhaps one of the BEST storytelling packet tricks EVER made! Spin a yarn as follows… Imagine one night you find yourself in a casino short of a few bob for your ride home. You ask a random guy at the bar if he wants to play a game of Poker, winner takes all?" Craig rated Killer Poker an 89% whilst Ryland rated it a 99%!


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. The products were all rated positively! You can expect to see these products featured in upcoming Magic TV episodes. You can watch the full Magic Review Show below to see Craig & Ryland perform each trick in action. If you plan on buying one of these products, let us know in the comments!

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