Awe Sum, Euruption, Back2Front, Magic Wine Paddle & More | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show #105

Craig & Ryland returned yesterday with another brand new Magic Review Show. As usual, Craig & Ryland examined the latest magic products and gave you an honest rating. Awe Sum, Euruption, Back2Front, Magic Wine Paddle & Melt Card.

Awe Sum, Euruption, Back2Front, Magic Wine Paddle & More | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show #105

The Magic Review Show is the perfect opportunity to learn firsthand about the newest magic products released to the community. Craig and Ryland break down each product, perform them for us and then give it their own individual rating. Like it or hate it, you will be the first to know. Let's see what's been reviewed in this week's episode.


The first product to be reviewed this week is a Rubik's cube concept by Joel Harbers. This is Awe-Sum. With this 2 x 2 cube, it will allow you to perform several fantastic possibilities. This includes a card at any number, predictions, book test and much more. Here is an extract from Vanishing Inc's website describing one of the routines. "Have a deck of playing cards mixed by several spectators as you place a prediction card on the table. You then introduce a 2x2 cube with numbers on each side. Every time you mix the cube, the four numbers on each side add up to generate a new number.

For those who don't want to do the math, there's actually more than 3.7 million possible combinations on a 2x2 cube. Let a spectator mix up the cube as much as they want and place it on the table. Everyone can now see all the sides, except the bottom side which is hidden to everyone. Turn away and instruct your spectator to pick up the cube, add up the numbers on the bottom, and count that many cards from the deck of cards. Impossibly, they'll land on a card that matches your prediction." This is a brilliant concept that's easy to do, requires no pocket space and you don't even need to know how to solve a Rubik's cube. As a result, Craig & Ryland awarded this trick 100% each.


The most controversial routine this week is Eruption by Jordan Victoria. According to Alakazam's description, "In this effect you will learn how to ask your spectator to name any queen to find it reversed in your packet. Over this effect - the card is the only one printed and has a different back. No force, no equivocation, no... nothing. Each one of the 4 outs is 100% clean." The problem with Eruption is it's not reliable to achieve the effect, the cards aren't well made and there are several better methods to achieve the results instead. Craig gave this product 0% while Ryland followed up with -100%.

Back 2 Front

Vinny Sagoo & Neo Magic have been making big names for themselves in recent months. Their latest trick is Back 2 Front. This is how the effect works according to their website. "You display four blank faced cards. One by one, they turn into double backed cards. Another twist and they turn into a normal four of a kind. Finally, a little flick turns them back to blank!" Craig & Ryland have mixed opinions on this concept. It is a decent trick, but it is flawed and could have been constructed better. Furthermore, including a live performance would have been beneficial as well. Craig and Ryland awarded this product 60% and 40% respectively.

Magic Wine Paddle

The next product Craig & Ryland reviewed is Magic Wine Paddle by Dar Magia. This is what PropDog's description of the product had to say. "Surprise your spectators with a beautiful act of close-up magic by achieving the impossible, turning two printed popsicles into a delicious drink of wine. Without gimmicks and with a very simple manipulation, to do in bars, restaurants, or wherever you like surrounded by people who want to enjoy a good glass of red wine as much as you do." The problem with Magic Wine Paddle is you can't fit it into any act. The product itself is well made, but the tutorial is very short and there's no live performance included.

Melt Card

The final magic product on this week's show is Melt Card by Mickael Chatelain. This is how the product works according to Alakazam. "Your spectator will be bluffed when they will see this effect close to their eyes ! Above all the playing card, paper or bill are 100% fully examinable! In front of a mirror, you will be amazed with Melt-Card! I can guarantee it!" This is a great product that's well made, will last a lifetime, it looks really visual and it brings something new to the table. There's no handlings, you can instantly reset it and much more. Craig & Ryland loved this product, awarding 100% each.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. Some of the tricks were great while others were not so much. Awe-Sum is definitely a product we will be revisiting on Magic TV. You can watch the full Magic Review Show below to see Craig & Ryland break down each routine in depth. Check it out and let us know if you plan on getting one of these tricks.

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