Distancia, ChequePoint, Appearing Beer & RBG | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

For episode 94 of The Magic Review Show, Craig and Ryland looked at four brand new products released to the magic community. This week they looked at Distancia, RBG, Appearing Beer and ChequePoint. Every product was reviewed and given an honest rating.

Distancia, ChequePoint, Appearing Beer & RBG | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The Magic Review Show is the perfect way to learn about the latest magic products. Each trick is broken down into detail and then performed by either Craig or Ryland. If they like or dislike a trick, they will let you know. You might like some of the routines they dislike or vice versa. That's absolutely fine. If you haven't already, make sure to check out the Review Show Revisited. Some of these products may be performed again within the real world. Until then let's break down this week's products.


The first product Craig & Ryland reviewed this week is Distancia by Les French Twins and Theory 11. The description on Theory 11 states, "A device that gives you real power. A miracle in the palm of your hands. Over 2 years in development, Distancia was built from scratch to give you real power at your command. Make a coin stand up and TURN OVER on its own in the spectator’s hands - while a glass is covering all sides. Have a deck of cards PHYSICALLY cut to a selected card on the table all by itself; and so much more." The actual effect is incredible but it's very impractical. The tutorial is good, it's well made and the effect is good. But there are several limitations. Craig & Ryland had mixed feelings, giving Distancia 50% and 55% respectively. It's far from a terrible trick.


N2G is back with another brand new coin set called RBG. Vanishing Inc. describes the product as follows, "N2G uses three premium Chinese coins (black, red and green), along with a precision-made coin gimmick. With the "RBG" gimmick you can perform a perfect continuous color change, amazing coin productions with no redundant actions and even an incredible 3fly routine. Each set comes with full instructions featuring 8 routines. That just scratches the surface of what is possible with the "RGB" coin magic set though." N2G have once again released an amazing coin set that will allow you to perform incredible feats. Craig & Ryland awarded this new coin set 95% and 90% respectively.

Appearing Beer

Mago Murphy have released a brand new opener for stand up shows, street magic and comedy shows. This is The Appearing Beer. As the name heavily implies, this routine features a magician showing an empty beer jar. It is covered with silk and just like that, the glass has suddenly been filled with beer. It's easy to do, you can reset it in seconds, there are several handlings and you can even drink the beer afterwards. Craig enjoyed the set up and execution, awarding 90%. Ryland gave this trick 79% but was still a fan of the concept.


The final product on this week's Magic Review Show is ChequePoint by Arseny Tsaran. With this product you will be able to tear up a receipt signed by your spectator before fully restoring it back to it's full state, The impossible object can even be given back to the spectator as a souvenir for them to keep. There is no glue, scotch tape or any magnets included. It is a good product and does exactly what it says, but it is expensive and there are limitations. It's down to personal preference. Nevertheless, Craig & Ryland enjoyed this product, giving it 90% and 85% respectively.


That's everything for this week's Magic Review Show. Most of the tricks reviewed this week were very good and highly recommended. You can watch the full episode on Magic TV below. If you are planning to get one of those tricks for yourself, let us know in the comments.

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