Talk Magic With Andy Smith | Mr Alakazam Talks Performing, Working at Alakazam Magic & More

In our first Talk Magic of the week, Craig Petty invites Andy Smith to break down his career in magic, starting with how he first got into magic before moving onto the story behind working at Alakazam Magi. Along the way, Andy shares lots of help and advice every magician can learn from.

Talk Magic With Andy Smith | Mr Alakazam Talks Performing, Working at Alakazam Magic & More

Andy Smith became interested in magic at the age of 10 when he was given the Mark Wilson Course in Magic as a birthday present. Andy found after a short while that it was the close-up and sleight-of-hand branch of magic that he was most drawn to, learning and absorbing everything he could from the writings of Erdnase, Vernon, Marlo and Jennings, and in later years that of Darwin Ortiz, David Roth, Michael Ammar and others.

Although still very much interested in close-up and magic in general, he has been drawn more towards gambling themed card performances and card cheating artifice of late. Andy is a member of the prestigious Magic Circle and is proud to be an Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star as well as a Member of Equity.

Andy's deep understanding and thoughtful interest in magic reflects in his work and he enjoys inventing, perfecting and also performing new and exciting magic for people everywhere. On top of all of this Andy is a huge part of the Alakazam Magic team. There is a very good chance if you have been in the shop or phoned up you have spoken to Andy. As well as working within the team he has also created and published a number of magic tricks exclusive to Alakazam Magic.

This is an incredible interview with a brilliant performer of magic. You can check out the full episode on Magic TV below. Or tune into The Talk Magic Podcast this Friday. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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