An Apology, Retro Reviews, Motivational Magic, Kermit Josh, Wessex Convention | Q&A With Craig Petty

Craig Petty is back to answer all of the questions you have asked in another brand new Magic Q&A. This week's questions revolve around the best coin routines that don't use a classic palm, digital marketing for magician, quality of the Blackpool tricks, thoughts on different Mem Decks and an apology in regards to Magic TV comments.

An Apology, Retro Reviews, Motivational Magic, Kermit Josh, Wessex Convention | Q&A With Craig Petty

The Q&As are always so unique because you never know what's going to get asked. Every week is totally different and you learn more about Craig Petty's history along the way. Craig answered the following questions below:

1. When Should I Start Performing Routines I Have Learnt?

2. Retro Reviews Are A Good Idea?

3. Will You Ever Interview A Hobbyist On Talk Magic?

4. Can You Interview Russ Stevens About His Creative Process?

5. What Are Your Thoughts On 'Think A Card' Routines

6. What Are The Advantages Of Different Mem Decks?

7. Would You Ever Release A Project On The Stripper Deck?

8. Could You Do Card To Envelope With A Card Protector?

9. Crystalise Availability & Vulpine Cups & Balls?

10. Best Coin Routines That Do Not Use A Classic Palm?

11. Could You Do A Motivational Magic Show?

12. Digital Marketing For Magicians?

13. Best Marked Deck For People With Bad Eyesight?

14. Where Can I Learn How To Reseal A Skittles Packet?

15. The Magic Circle & The Wessex Magic Convention

16. Any Tricks You Hate But Still Perform Anyway?

17. Did Joshua Jay Reference The Kermit Thing?

18. When Is The New Keymaster Being Released?

19. Other Routines With a Mental Photography Deck?

20. Can The Q&A's Be Uploaded To A Podcast?

21. Quality Of The Trick You Got From Blackpool?

22. More Information On Retro Reviews?

23. More Information About A Craig Petty Book?

24. Advice On Parenting & Getting Kids To Love Magic?

25. An Apology About Comments Left On Magic TV

If you have a question you would like Craig to answer in next week's Q&A, just comment your question below.

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