Talk Magic With Alexander Marsh | The Mindreader Talks Mentalism, Champions Of Magic, 1914 & More

For our final Talk Magic of the week, Craig had the pleasure of interviewing Alexander Marsh. Alex is an incredible magician with an uncanny ability to tap into his audiences' minds and read their thoughts at will. In this interview Alex looks back on his career. He talks about starting in magic and progressing into mentalism. He talks about creating a show, finding your brand, making your performance unique, coping with nerves, stagecraft, creativity and much more besides.

Talk Magic With Alexander Marsh | The Mindreader Talks Mentalism, Champions Of Magic, 1914 & More

Drawing on a mixture of expertise in psychology, unique mentalism techniques, and masterful analysis of audience members, Alex combines contemporary mind reading with sharp wit and a flair for showmanship. Being an only-child, Alex had many hobbies growing-up, including magic, but it wasn’t until his mother passed away when he was fourteen years old that he began to study the manipulation techniques of psychics, mentalists, and hypnotists.

Gradually, he taught himself the unusual skills and techniques that have since taken him all over the world. Alex has made countless television appearances including ITV’s Good Morning Britain (UK), Seven Network’s Today Tonight (Australia), and NBC’s Access Hollywood (USA). In 2019 Alex achieved a childhood ambition of appearing on the world's longest running children’s television program Blue Peter.

In 2014 Alex took his one-man show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and three shows to Australia’s Perth Fringe World Festival in 2016 and 2017 where he was nominated for the cabaret award. Also in 2014, Alex joined the then emerging ensemble illusion show ‘Champions of Magic’ which has gone on to tour the UK, USA, Mexico, and Canada.

This is an incredible interview with a brilliant magician. He also offers some fantastic advice on a variety of subjects. Whether you are a magician or a mentalist this is an interview that you really don't want to miss. Check out the full interview below and stay tuned for the interview on the Talk Magic Podcast. 👇👇👇

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