Alex Lodge Talk Magic | One Of The Most Controversial Magicians In The UK Puts The Record Straight

On this week's first episode of Talk Magic, Craig Petty interviews Alex Lodge, an infamous magician who is best known as one of the most controversial and hated magicians within the UK. Alex is finally here to set the record straight once and for all.

Talk Magic With Alex Lodge | One Of The Most Controversial Magicians In The UK Puts The Record Straight

Despite the controversy, Alex had a wonderful career. Winning championships, performing on TV, touring the world. The future was very bright for Alex Lodge. and then he decided to enter a new reality TV Show and everything changed. There was a problem with his performance (which the TV company purposefully left in the performance). Off the back of that Alex lost everything. All his work, his house, his girlfriend (who was also the assistant in his show). Plus the entire magic community turned against him literally overnight.

Off the back of all this happening he turned to drink. He didn't know if he would ever perform again. Over the following years he has clawed his way back to a place where he is happy and work is flooding in once again. However this did not happen overnight. In this unique interview, Alex shares a message for magicians and the magic community. For the first time ever he gets to tell people what REALLY happened from his perspective. This interview is unlike any interview you have seen before. It's compelling and there are massive highs and huge lows - just like Alex's career.

Believe it or not, there were times when Craig and Alex competed for the top spot of most controversial magicians. On behalf of everyone at Magic TV, we want to thank Alex for coming on Talk Magic and after all these years finally setting the record straight. And thank you for watching. Please check out the full interview below and stay tuned to see this episode go live on the Talk Magic Podcast.

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