Alex Jesson | Founder & CEO of Matricks Illusion talks BGT, Magic & More | Talk Magic

On this week's Talk Magic, Craig Petty is joined by Alex Jesson, the Founder & CEO of Matricks Illusion. In this incredible interview, Alex breaks down his career in magic. He breaks down how he set up Matricks, followed by how hw gravitated towards illusions. During this interview, Alex even talks about the highs & lows of his career and why he decided to audition for BGT.

Alex Jesson | Founder & CEO of Matricks Illusion talks BGT, Magic & More | Talk Magic

Alex Jesson has solidified himself as one of the top illusionists in the UK with his Illusion Act - Matricks Illusion. Matricks combines elements of danger, comedy and charm, managing to bewilder audiences time after time. However what makes Matricks truly dynamic is the contrast between set pieces; stylish fast paced magic and illusion with dance using current music and special effects. The show is designed to balance comedy and light heartedness with curiosity, mystery and thrill!

In 2004, Alex and his sister, Emily began to create the show "Matricks" and have come a long way since, working alongside the likes of Stephen Mulhern, Diversity, KSI and Roman Kemp. Matricks have not only been seen on Britain's Got Talent but also been seen on "The Sidemen Show" and ITV’s ‘Keep It In The Family’ with host Bradley Walsh, where they've perplexed millions with their original set pieces, dynamic soundtrack and powerful perform

Most recently Alex and his team have appeared on Britain's Got Talent and blew the judges away with their audition. This is an incredible interview with a brilliant magician who offers some excellent advice for budding illusionists and magicians. Watch the full episode on Magic TV below or check out The Talk Magic Podcast in a few days time. Don't forget to let us know what you think. If you haven't already, check out The Netrix.

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