Alakazam Christmas Review Show Special With Craig Petty & Ryland Petty

For this week's Friday episode, Craig Petty did not return with a Review Show Revisited. We introduced something better for this week only! An Alakazam Christmas Review Show Special! This is a special one off special where Craig & Ryland look at Alakazam Christmas Magic products that have been recently released.

Alakazam Christmas Review Show Special With Craig Petty & Ryland Petty

The four routines Craig & Ryland look at are Snow Way Man, Christmas Miracle, Snowflake and A Cut Above. They perform each routine so you can see exactly what it is like and whether it fits your act. Love it or hate it, you will know. Let's break down each routine and whether or not they are worth getting.

Snow Way Man

The first routine is a Snow Way Man by Gary Sumpter and Stevo Watson. This is a new super visual and very easy to perform packet effect that has a festive twist. It's a fun carry around effect with some lovely visual moments. This includes naughty and nice endings. It's a fun routine with amazing artwork designed by Gary Sumpter. Craig gave this routine a 90% rating while Ryland followed up with a high 120%.

Christmas Miracle

Gary Sumpter and Stevo Watson have also introduced Christmas Miracle. This is an amazing Christmas themed mentalism match up effect that's super easy to perform without any sleight of hand. The product comes with 25 custom designed cards. The magician shows their spectator a selection of Christmas images. Through a simple routine, they make all the decisions completely free of choice, yet they somehow manage to find all the matching pairs.


The next routine by Sumpter & Watson is Snowflake. This is an amazing Christmas mentalism effect that features a selection of Christmas images being shown. The spectator has a free choice of any card. Somehow the magician will always know which festive thought their spectator had in mind. It's super easy to do and may be repeated any time. Craig enjoyed this routine, giving it a 79% rating. As for Ryland, he followed up with a 120%.

A Cut Above

The last routine Craig & Ryland reviewed is A Cut Above by Andy Smith. This is a take on the classic The Spectator Cuts The Aces that's not self-working but completely easy to do and very direct. It's all based on ideas from Larry Jennings and J.K Hartman. This version of the ace cutting effect is as straightforward as they come. Craig gave this routine a perfect 100% rating. Once again, Ryland followed up with a 120% score.


That concludes the Alakazam Christmas Review Show Special. Craig & Ryland loved these routines. Chances are you are going to see these products featured in future episodes on Magic TV. You can check out the full Review Show Special below. Check it out and let us know what you think. As a little bonus, stay tuned towards the end for hilarious behind the scenes footage.

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