Adam Wilber | Super Creative Adam Wilber Talks Ellusionist, Creativity, Vulpine & More

On Saturday's Talk Magic, Craig got to sit down and chat with the super creative Adam Wilber. He talks about the highs and lows of his career, why he left Ellusionist and offers some fantastic advice on creativity, product creation and more. Along the way, Adam also gives us a sneak peek of some upcoming Vulpine Creations effects, showcases the power of The Genesis System as well as several other upcoming products.

Adam Wilber | Super Creative Adam Wilber Talks Ellusionist, Creativity, Vulpine & More

A brilliant expert in creativity, Adam has created some of the best selling magic tricks of all time. He has also written the book one reactivity and has written 5 more books on the subject of creativity. His five books dine the magic formula of creativity and are perfect for anyone who wants to improve their creative skills. Adam tours the world keynoting to corporate audiences about how their staff can become more creative, resonating with the readers to deliver the insight that everyone's needs to help embrace their inner creativity. As with any learnable skill, improvement is always possible.

You might remember Adam Wilber from his years of working for Ellusionist. In his eight years of working there, he rose the ranks from working on their forums to becoming the General Manager of Ellusionist. He has created some of their best selling tricks and products, including Pyro! Since then Adam has moved onto setting up his own producing company called Vulpine Creative. The company's first release (Grandfathers Top) was a huge seller.

This interview is absolutely fantastic and cannot be missed. Check out the full Talk Magic below and don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments. 👇👇👇

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