Oil & Water With Boxes, Loner, Ace Alien Cards & The Mask | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

Every Wednesday, Craig and Ryland look at the greatest and latest magic products released into the magic community. On this week's Magic Review Show we review Loner, Ace Invaders Deck, The Mask and Oil and Water Boxes.

Oil & Water With Boxes, Loner, Ace Alien Cards & The Mask | Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

The best part about Craig and Ryland's Magic Review Show is they are not associated with any third parties. All of their opinions are strictly their own. If you dislike a product they like or vice versa, that's perfectly fine. Let's break down the products they reviewed this week.


The first product reviewed this week is Cameron Francis' Loner. You've probably seen Craig perform this routine already on an episode of Magic Lives. The magician places a deck of cards on the table, and proposes an experiment in imagination. After the spectator is asked to imagine the four suits and to pluck one out of the air, they're asked to name any value. Then just like that, the magician spreads the deck, displaying all blank faces with one reversed card in the middle of them. The card is turned over and revealed to be the spectator’s thought of the card. It's a brilliant product that scored a 90%and 95% respective rating.

Ace Invaders Playing Cards

Next up we take a look at Penguin Magic's Ace Invaders Playing Cards. This is another amazing trick that Craig has performed on an episode of Magic Lives. Aliens have landed and infiltrated a deck of playing cards! The retro-styled borderless back design has a muted, vintage color palette that's swarming with flying saucers. The faces are chock full of alien creatures ready to beam into your next game. Despite the 100% custom design, the deck has been created with playability in mind, making it perfect for all applications. It's a fun product that scored a 98% from Craig while Ryland followed with a perfect 100%.

The Mask

Have you heard of The Mask by Mathieu Bich and Buddy Stein? We've all worn facial coverings during the pandemic. Now they finally have a use for magic as well. This specially made silk mask with strings appears identical to an ordinary blue disposable surgical mask. The tutorial also includes special mask handlings, managing angles, subtleties, steals, loads, ditches, and several presentation ideas. It is what it is. If you have use for a mask you can easily combine it with your act. Craig and Ryland gave this product a 96% and 98% rating respectively.

Oil And Water Boxes

The final product we reviewed this week is Henry Evans' Oil and Water Boxes. If you checked out our Honest Trailer, you already know what Craig thinks of this product. The effect starts when the magician shows six boxes, three standard red boxes and three standard blue ones, these ones get intercalated one by one per color, getting magically separated by colors with just a simple movement.

The magician is instantly able to show each one of the boxes. The conditions of this effect are desirable; the boxes can be shown from every angle before and after the effect. No techniques are required for its performance, nor even any special knowledge. Craig gave this product 40% while Ryland followed up with 60%. Craig citied it's not too impressive and the ending isn't conclusive. Unless you have a specific purpose for this product, it might not be your go-to trick. Despite this, it has since become a Magic Live as well.


That's all for this week's Magic Review Show. Most of the products we reviewed were good and will definitely grow popular. Check out the full Magic Review Show below and let us know what you think of these products. 👇👇👇

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