Magic 5x5 With Craig Petty | 5 MORE Coin Tricks You Need To Learn NOW!

On Monday 15th March at 9PM GMT, we launched another brand new episode of 5x5 Magic With Craig Petty! In this series of videos, Craig talks about five different magic related subjects with five minutes to talk about each subject. A few weeks ago we presented a Coin Magic Special. This was very popular and everyone asked for a follow up video. Here it is!

Magic 5x5 With Craig Petty | 5 MORE Coin Tricks You Need To Learn NOW!

If you are new to coin magic we highly recommended watching the first video first. But if you have been performing for a while then this is the perfect video for you. This episode breaks down 5 more coin tricks you need to learn now! Craig performs these 5 coin routines for you to learn and explains why they are so good. He discusses the moves and sleights you will learn during the course of the trick along with why these routines are important for aspiring coin magicians. If you would like to see a third video, let us know in the comments!

The five routines you will learn in this video are listed below!

1 - Sonic Squeeze by Michael Ammar

2 - Tenkai Pennies by David Roth

3 - Mr Clean Coins Across by Jay Sankey

4 - PDQ Coins Across by Paul Harris

5 - Hanging Coins by David Roth

See the full video below and let us know your thoughts! 👇👇👇

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