10 More Terrible Tricks From 2021 - Looking At The Worst Tricks Of 2021

A couple of weeks ago we uploaded the Top 10 Worst Magic Tricks of 2021. Since then we have received many requests for Craig to expand on this list by talking about 10 more terrible tricks that were released this year. Craig has gladly obligated. He's back with another 10 terrible tricks list to break down.

10 More Terrible Tricks From 2021 - Looking At The Worst Tricks Of 2021

The tricks you are going to see were featured in Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show, Review Show Specials and 5x5 Magic. If you are unfamiliar with each routine, now is the perfect opportunity to learn more about them. If you have any questions about these tricks, let us know by simply leaving a comment in the video at the end.

10 - Triple Helix

Taking the number 10 position on this list is Triple Helix by Snake & John Byng. This product was designed to allow you to very visually produce three decks of cards from nowhere. After originally being teased at Blackpool 2020, everyone was eager to get this routine. The problem is it's not commercial at all and you can't make it work at all. No one would do it and there's better ways of accomplishing similar effects. During their original review, Craig gave this product 0% while Ryland gave it minus infinity%. It was poorly designed to the point Ryland threw it in the trash.

9 - Capped

CAPPED by Sam Sieracki is our 9th ranked trick for this list. The idea behind this concept is adding a missing visual element to the coin to pen routine that helps sell the illusion. This was designed specifically so the spectator can see the coin inside the cap. Unfortunately, this concept was not well received by Craig or Ryland at all. As far as ratings go, you'll have to see what they said because words alone can't sum up their opinion.

8 - Nomad Ring 2

NOMAD RING Mark II (Morgan) by Avi Yap, Calvin Liew and Sultan Orazaly reaches number 8. Sultan Orazaly and Avi Yap have been working on this new groundbreakingly visual coin and ring routine since early 2020. It's designed to allow a magician to transform a coin into a ring without any covers and vice versa. Penguin Magic goes on to state, "Apart from the changes we've made to the gimmick, Nomad Ring has also evolved. Thanks to the redesigned gimmick, the coin is now completely examinable. Coming with several new ideas and handlings, the routine has become more dynamic and modular than ever!" While the trick itself is good, the actual product is poorly designed. It's not fit for purpose and has yet to be created to be stable. It's very easy to be broken in transit. You can't perform it. Craig gave this routine a 0% review while Ryland followed up with a minus 10%.

7 - Chop-Doh

Taking the number 7th position is Chop Doh by J. Natera. This is a new Chop Cup built into a Play Dough cup. This has been done before and nothing new has been brought to the table. There is no routine included on the project despite the trailer making you believe there will be a routine. And the big problem is the prop is very badly made. It's simply not good at all. Craig reviewed this trick on a Review Show Special, giving it a 0% rating.

6 - iCandy

On the same Review Show Special as Chop-Doh, Craig reviewed iCandy and gave it a 5% rating. Another Peter Eggink product, this is very similar to Juicy which was marketed via Saturn Magic and created by James Keatley. iCandy differs in a couple of ways but the main way is the incorporation of a Fickle Nickel style vanish. This is a very impractical vanish and makes the main routine not very commercial. The other issue is the way the routine has been filmed gives the impression that this vanish could be performed in the environment Peter is performing in. That just cannot possibly happen.

5 - Fresh Fishing

In position number 5 we have Fishing by Prasanth Edamana. This probably wins the award for the worst magic trailer of all time anyway without even going into the quality of the product. There are no words to even describe why this one is so bad. Check out the trailer and you will see for yourself.

4 - Milk Box

For number 4 we have Milk Box by Marcus Cruz. This new magic product is exactly what it says it is. You show an empty tube inside and then magically produce three milk boxes. Penguin Magic goes on to state, "Tell your audience that each carton of milk has different flavours, the blue is the classic milk flavour, the red is the deslato and the brown is the chocolate flavour." Despite claiming this product has been made with high quality material, It's substandard, badly made, not worth the money, it won't work and it wouldn't last long at all. It was so bad that Ryland cut it up into pieces. Craig gave this product -500% while Ryland gave it -Nothing%. It wouldn't fool anyone.

3 - Summit

Taking the 3rd position on this list is Summit by Patrick Kun, The Other Brothers and Abstract Effects. According to Vanishing Inc., this is how the routine works, "Here's How The Effect Works:. Your spectator thinks of a card and you hand them a Sharpie to write it down. Yet, the Sharpie won't write. Confused, you take back the Sharpie and open it up to reveal that there's actually a rolled up playing card inside. The Sharpie and card REMAIN IN VIEW THE ENTIRE TIME. They then name their card and you turn over the playing card from the sharpie to show it matches." The trailer makes it seem like any card can be chosen which is not true. It's very expensive and produced in poor quality. Craig gave this product a 0% rating while Ryland followed up with 3%.

2 - Move Ink

In number 2 we have Move Ink by Ilya Anatolyevich. This has been designed as a shocking visual magic trick that will leave your audience in surprise. The gimmick is supposed to allow a magician to enable a strange array of shapes on the back of a playing card to impossibly move, leaving an unforgettable moment. Vanishing Inc. continues on with, "A spectator selects a playing card from a deck of cards. It is then lost in the deck. The magician then takes a marker and creates a variety of strange shapes on the back of the card. It doesn't look like much until these shapes come to life to reveal the selected playing cards in a one-of-a-kind way." Unfortunately, this product was not well received at all. It's so bad that Ryland literally cut it up into pieces. As far as ratings go, you'll have to see.

1 - CTW

Peter Eggink once again takes the number 1 position with CTW. Once again, Peter has failed to deliver a decent magic product this year. Penguin Magic describes this routine as, "One of the most impressive plots in magic is the "Card Through Window" that you've probably seen performed by various celebrity magicians on their TV shows. CTW is a new, diabolically clever principle within this plot and allows you to perform this very same powerful Illusion -it looks beyond impossible." This product isn't well designed at all. It's literally impossible to use in any scenario. This product was so poor that Craig literally smashed it to pieces with a hammer. It's that bad. Craig & Ryland went on to give it a Minus 1 billion% rating each. You can't do it anywhere.


And that's another 10 poor magic products of 2021. As 2022 begins, we seriously hope creators of magic will please stop making these poor products and focus on the quality aspect. Fortunately, with Netrix set to launch very soon, you won't be seeing many bad magic downloads anymore. You can check out the full episode on Magic TV below. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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