10 Magic Tricks You HAVE To Include In Your Everyday Carry

A few months ago, Craig Petty covered 12 awesome tricks to include in your everyday carry. To follow up on this video, Craig has uploaded another new video that covers 10 more magic tricks you have to include in your everyday carry. These tricks include props but they resemble the type of props that look like something you would carry around with you.

10 Magic Tricks You HAVE To Include In Your Everyday Carry

There are two types of magicians in the world. Those that leave the house loaded with an insane amount of tricks and props in case someone wants to see magic and those that have no magic on them and tell anyone that asks to see magic that they "have nothing on them."

The problem with these two types of magicians is neither option is great. But luckily there is a third option that works perfectly. Carrying magic tricks with you that look organic. Tricks that are in your wallet or on your keychain that don't stand out as something unusual. Now you can prepare to do a 30 minute show if you want to use everyday objects and not special magic props.

In this week's episode Craig goes through 10 different tricks you can use as part of your everyday carry that are amazing and will leave your audience wanting more. The 10 tricks Craig covered are listed below.

1. Ring Flight Revolution by Prop Dog

2. Mini Super Sharpie by Magic Smith

3. Random Happenings by Ryan Schlutz

4. Cognito by Lloyd Barnes

5. Playlist by Craig Petty

6. Will To Read by Steve Dela

7. Fraud by Pete Turner and Ellusionist

8. Perfect Pen by John Cornelius

9. Thy Will Be Done by Alexander Marsh

10. Mystery Of The 10 Coins by Rodrigo Romano

All 10 of these routines are awesome and will absolutely slay an audience. Check out the full episode below and don't forget to let us know what you think.

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